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  • Wellness Checkup

    Wellness Checkup

    Documenting your child’s Wellness Checks is going to be easy when using this section of the journal. The basic information given during these checks can be quickly documented while at the visit with your child’s doctor. We’ve made certain to include height, weight and even a space to write their percentile for each so you can make sure your child is on track.

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    Sick Day Record

    We developed the Sick Day Record section of the journal keeping in mind how overwhelming it can be to keep track of all the important information needed while your child is having a “sick day.” With the easy to use format, you will be able to log multiple temperatures and medications given for a day that your child is ill.

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The Buzz

"I am super impressed with the Live Simply Journal. It is so well organized, straight forward to use and it's cute too! This would make an excellent shower gift for an expecting Mom.” - Lynette, My Wee View Blog

"This is the journal every new parent should be given at their baby shower." - Ana, Florida Frugal Mom Blog

"Baby essential...their straightforward journal gives you one (stylish) place to record all your child’s medical information, which can be a vital tool for his or her care." - Jennifer, Castle Point Publishing 

"I could not believe the detail that went into this journal. Everything you need to remember is there for you to look back on. It is great for present and future as it will allow you to compare your child’s health now and later. I have transferred all those little notes I wrote and placed in Sadie’s baby book so now I can have easy access when I need it instead of rooting around through pieces of paper. This is my new favourite baby shower gift!!!" -Simply Stacie Blog

"I am in love with this book." - Joy, The Practical Mom Guide Blog

"Every mother knows how overwhelming it can be to keep track of all important information needed when your child is sick. For that reason alone, Live Simply Children’s Health Journal is a must have for all Moms! " - L. Barone

"Having been designed from a mother's perspective, it is so logically organized, you will never be scrambling to schedule that last minute physical or digging through files to find immunization records for schools. Well done!" - M. Roberts